About us

TRIHAWK INDIA Private limited is a 5thmarketing subsidiary of TRIHAWK Bur manufacturing company, from Morrisburg, Canada, after Canada, USA, Brazil and Europe. TRIHAWK was established in 1969 under the able guidance of CEO Mr.Gustel Fischer and is currently basking under the glory of its golden anniversary.TRIHAWK is a world leader in manufacturing metal cutting bur and Talon12, the flagship product, has no parallel in the global market. TRIHAWK is also known for its natural diamond burs and special carbide burs which are all produced in the state of art manufacturing unit complying MDSAP regulations. TRIHAWK INDIA has been formed to closely cater to the growing Indian Market for quality products, required by doctors and also dental students in dental colleges under the able guidance of Mr.Prashant Doctor, who is in the dental field for over 30 years.

Trihawk Story

The quest for the perfect burGustel Fischer

Tri Hawk’s vision is simple and clear: to be the standard by which all other burs are judged.

This is no small statement particularly in a world driven by sales and profits.  Tri Hawk puts the quality of its product above all else and truly believes that quality, low breakage rates and the highest cutting efficiency in the dental industry, will drive the profits and sales.

The Quality Ideal is upheld by innovative research and dedicated personnel.  As a result, Tri Hawk produces burs that have breakage rates many times lower than the industry average and specialty burs like the Talon™ line that have unsurpassed cutting speeds through a plethora of materials.

It all began…

…in 1969, when Tri Hawk was founded by Gustel Fischer to import and distribute dental burs. After several years of speaking with hundreds of dental practitioners, Gustel decided that our customers deserved a bur that better met their needs for cutting speed, strength and safety.

In 1986 the first Tri Hawk’s plant opened in Cornwall, Ontario. Just four years later, rising demand necessitated an expansion, and we moved to a larger plant in Morrisburg, Ontario, where we remain to this day.  We have had to expand several times over the last few decades including most recently increasing the size of our plant by 30% in 2015.

Continuous improvement

Ever since Gustel converted Tri Hawk from a distribution to a manufacturing company, we have been on a never-ending quest for the perfect bur. We train our staff in dentistry in partnership with the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), universities, and talking to active practitioners.  We take returns seriously and want feedback from practitioners to tell us what they find are the best and worst aspects of our products.

This attention to real and daily use of our products has enabled us to develop numerous innovations that have eluded our competitors, such as:

  • Regular carbide burs delivering unmatched cutting speed due to our unique blade and rake angle designs.
  • Crown-cutting carbide burs—our Talon line—delivering unmatched cutting speed due to our one-of-a-kind hyperbolic shape and our amazing blade design that cuts vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Unmatched resistance to breakage due to our induction welding and proprietary steel blend.
  • Unmatched visibility due to our black shaft that contrasts with both the cutting end of the bur and the material being cut.

Our manufacturing process has focused on developing advanced bur milling machines, on installing a 10 step quality check and on achieving unprecedented levels of automation.

We believe that our passion, focus and technology allow our burs to deliver the world’s best combination of cutting speed, strength and safety.

A focus on doing one thing and doing it right

From the very beginning Tri Hawk has had a clear focus on making burs and only making burs.

To the company this means that research dollars, practitioner feedback, staff ideas, and other knowledge and monetary inputs are highly focused and geared to improve our product, the noble dental bur.  A focus that allows us to funnel our resources into making a great product better and creating new and innovative products. In fact, we are so focused on dental burs and quality that we design and build our own milling machines. It is a time consuming and expensive venture but it is one of the characteristics that sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to make completely unique burs.

To the practitioner this means removing uncertainty in your procedures

  • Our burs outperform others and break less. You are dealing with a company that can help you select the best bur for a given procedure.
  • We know how you use the burs.
  • We make a product that reduces your problems and frustrations
  • Using a Tri hawk bur means you have better knowledge of your tools.
  • AND you become a more effective and efficient practitioner.  Your practice will benefit from better patient outcomes, a more effective and efficient office, happier patients and more referrals.

To the patient this means that when a Dentist is using our products in your mouth you are more comfortable, in and out of the chair more quickly, have a lower risk of complications and are generally happier with the dental experience.

Proof in use

A Tri Hawk user, is a customer for life.  They may try other burs but they always come back for our quality and consistence.  We have many testimonials and have participated in many comparative studies:

  • An extensive study by the University of California rated Tri Hawk burs #1 for performance and price.
  • 2006 ADA study showed Tri Hawk to be by far the fastest-cutting bur for single-patient use.
  • Excellent reviews from Dental Advisor (2008) and Dental Product Shopper (2011)
  • None of our burs get returned to us by our customers. (Okay, we’re exaggerating; 0.005% of our burs were returned last year.)

To date we have been the fastest cutting bur in every independent study we have seen.  We test our burs regularly in the toughest of materials and the most abusive conditions to ensure that we maintain that standing.  If you have new studies to share with us we would love to see them.

Not perfect yet

With all of these accolades from customers and institutions Tri Hawk is still not satisfied with having a great product.  Great is not good enough.  Remember that our vision is “to be the standard by which all other burs are judged”.  To achieve this we need to continue to improve and truly show the world that a focus on quality means a better experience and outcome to the dentist, to the patient, and to the business.

Trihawk team

Tri Hawk is proud of the team it has assembled to sell and produce its products.  Here are a few of the key people involved in the Tri Hawk family.

Gustel Fischer

Gustel is the owner and president of Tri Hawk.  He is our principle idea generator and the visionary that first recognized the value of a high quality dental bur with a low breakage rate.  Gustel was also the leader in promoting the idea of single patient use burs to the dental industry.  His charisma, focus and persistance has brought Tri Hawk to new heights, he truly is the Tri Hawk ambassador to the world.  More often than not he can be found in plane, at an airport, or at an exhibition opening a new market somewhere in the World.

Joanne Kydd

Joanne is the Chief Operations Officer and Plant Manager for Tri Hawk and Xenopus.  She has an extensive background in management and holds a Masters in Public Administration.  Starting her career as a teacher then executive director for the Greater Montreal Athletics Association before joining Tri Hawk almost 20 years ago.  Joanne is the glue that holds the company together.

Keith Macdonald

As with many people Keith’s road into the dental world has been filled with many twists and turns.  From completing a Masters degree in Sports Management in Australia to working in banks (don’t hold it against him).  Keith joined Tri Hawk in 2007 to help re-shape and improve North American sales.  In 2008 Keith took on the challenge of opening our new European office based in Luxembourg.  Now 10 years later and Europe has become Tri Hawk’s largest and most stable market.  Tri Hawk now has representatives in almost every European country and most recently has made tremendous headway in Russia, opening a new Moscow sales office to handle this exciting market.

Scott Macdonald

Scott started his career with a degree in Environmental studies from Trent University.  Beginning by working in the not for profit environmental sector in New Brunswick, Canada. His career continued as the executive Director of the New Brunswick Trails Council until Xenopus offered to hire him in 2001.  Learning a great deal on the job and using his management skills he created a solid quality control system for the factory and has since become a machine designer, a graduate of Algonquin College’s Mechanical Engineering Technology, and the resident guru on the applied uses of dental burs.

Our Canadian Sales team

Left:  Jep Stuchbery has been with Tri Hawk since 2012. He has consistently grown Tri Hawk’s presence throughout Ontario and the Maritimes. Originally from Australia, Jep loves travelling the globe, which lends itself to his role as a trade show specialist.

Centre:  Leonard Phipps started with Tri Hawk in 2014. He was originally hired as the French connection for Tri Hawk into Quebec. Len later expanded his activities to include sales logistics and marketing, as well as Spanish support for certain trade shows.

Right:  Emilio Armenta is the newest member of the Canadian Sales Team. His presence is felt throughout Canada as the principle point of contact from East to West.